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Sara Fischer: Content is Still Crucial, and Football is holding TV on Life Support

Currently, there is a saturation of streaming platforms, but this trend is slowly winding down and investments in content that is produced are increasing, more by streaming services like Netflix than television, Sara Fischer of American Axios claimed.

Although US television is mostly watched by people over the age of 65, it is still influential, according to Fischer, adding that smart TVs are currently extremely popular and soon every home in the US will have them. When it comes to TV programming, Fischer claims, people trust local television the most.

The biggest loser in the streaming war is cinema, she pointed out, as cinema is trying to offer clients new viewing experiences, but the only area they manage to keep primacy over are action and adventure movies, because they look better served on the big screen. But the most important thing that everyone is fighting about is sports, because it is the only content that viewers want to watch as it happens and the only one that can pin them to the small screens.

She also emphasized the increasing growth of ephemeral communication, i.e. the decreasing desire to share our privacy with others, so we are increasingly turning to Instagram Stories and crypto messages. More and more people are communicating through applications that offer encrypted messages than through social networks. On the Internet, Fischer said, as much as 50 percent of content is produced by bugs. Most of them are positive and help with our searches, but some are responsible for fake news and spreading misinformation and are one of the biggest problems we are all facing. Another problem is the protection of children online. Each year, four million new children are accessed online and there are efforts underway to stop ads and collect information about them.

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