21.09.2019., Rovinj - Weekend media festival 2019. Predavanje Sneaker Culture. Photo: Matija Habljak/PIXSELL

Sneaker Culture – We Used the For Going to the Park, and Today They`re High Fashion

Sneakers are a serious phenomenon, the intersection of a range of fields and areas critical to the communications industry – branding, style, celebrity culture, media and lifestyle. Sneaker culture is not a new phenomenon. Like much of contemporary pop culture, it has its roots in the late 1980s, developing and evolving, from the first Air Jordans to the super modern Hype Wear culture.

The sneaker culture panel hosted passionate sneaker-heads Petar Radojčić Bizzo, Tomo in der Mühlen and Andre Ljuština, and the panel was moderated by Pete Radovich.

They told numerous childhood anecdotes, the first sneaker commercials that stuck in their memory, stories from quite serious business meetings with forty-year-olds and fifty-year-olds that ended with a conversation about sneakers.

“Once upon a time, sneakers were used to play basketball or go to the park. Today, they are high end fashion. When I walk in a rare pair of sneakers in New York, every other person will look at them,” said Pete Radovich.

Ljuština, who is also a rare sneaker collector, said the price of rare sneakers is determined like the price of artwork. “If a sneaker comes out in a few samples, it doesn’t mean it will be more expensive than any other sneaker. What determines the value of a Koons? There is a myriad of factors that affect the price,” he said.

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