Raido Soom

Raido Soom is an experienced Sales Director with a demonstrated history of working in the media and credit information industry. By education he actually is a lawyer, but he has never worked a day as one. He started his journey in the media industry 7 years ago as a regular Salesman, working his way up to the position of Sales Manager. In 2016 he made a quick yearlong digression into the credit information industry, but he quickly realized, that media was his passion. So, in 2017, he joined the Postimees Grupp first as the Baltic States Online Advertising Director, moving on from there to the Sales Director position and, starting in February this year, also as a Board Member for the whole group. He sees media as a society guard dog in all aspects – and his main purpose is that the Dog is properly fed and able to do its work for many years to come.

Media done the #EstonianWay

The ‘Media Done the #EstonianWay’ lecture will bring a vision of future print media readers as well as showcase ways of developing an integrated editorial system and production of multiplatform content for the largest national and several local dailies and a leading news portal in the digital leader of Europe, a country where local media is growing. Raido Soom is a member of the Board of Directors of the largest media company in the Baltic – Postimees Group.


Nevena Rendeli

Nevena Rendeli Vejzović

HRT, Editor and Journalist (Croatia)

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