A clean and healthy environment is at the core of how Weekend Media Festival operates as an organization. Every year we try and implement more initiatives because we believe we should lead by example and try to minimize our ecological footprint. In order to be more consistent in our efforts, we have set two goals: • We try to be one of the most ecologically responsible events in the region • We always communicate our sustainability initiatives as clearly as possible

A steady effort involving our entire Weekend crew Our sustainability efforts are based on steady, incremental improvements. Taking a comprehensible approach is an essential principle, and Weekend aims to implement sustainability standards throughout its organization centered around these two priorities: Actions that… 
1. Encourage the preservation and optimal use of resources 
2. Put the well-being of people at the center of the Weekend experience

How you can contribute to our sustainability efforts

Here’s some questions answered regarding Weekend 2019 sustainability efforts.

Which recyclable materials do you use?

A lot of the dishes used onsite are recyclable, and we take great care to communicate the locations where the dishes can be discarded for further recycling. We have gone to great lengths to set up special recycling bins so all festival visitors can dispose of their plastic cups and other waste accordingly. Furthermore, we try and communicate other initiatives all over the festival location.

So straws are now made of paper, right?

Of course!

What happens to the plants after the event?

All potted plants used onsite are returned to the vendor after the event and will resume their lives in a happy home elsewhere in Croatia.

How do you protect the Adriatic Sea?

We take particular care to ensure no refuse ends up in the sea before, during or after the event. When on a boat ride or walking along the waterway, make sure to bring any waste back to the site and dispose of it appropriately.