Max Bruner and Andro Vrdoljak

Max Bruner is the vice president of corporate development and strategy at the telematics-based auto insurance company Metromile. He oversees the company’s financings, and strategic partnerships with auto manufacturers, insurance carriers, and mobility companies. Max is also an entrepreneur and investor with an extensive background in U.S. agriculture, energy and technology policy. Before Metromile, he founded and sold Mavrx, an agriculture-technology company that uses geospatial data science and imagery to improve large-scale farming. He also served in President Obama’s administration as an investment advisor, managing billion in budgets and investments in clean energy technology for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Department of Energy. Max has been recognized by Forbes on its “30 Under 30” list and was a Harry S. Truman Scholar. He is an alumnus of the University of Cambridge and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Andro grew up in a big family where sharing was the only “ownership model”. He is an environmentalist and tireless traveler. After learning about international equity markets at Goldman Sachs, supporting refugee asylum processes at UNHCR and various leadership roles at Egon Zehnder, Andro joined Turo to drive strategic partnerships and business development. He is a graduate of Stanford Graduate School of Business and Saint Francis College.

Silicon Valley Stories: Dude, Where’s My Car?

Connectivity and Sharing are already changing how we buy, pay for, use, insure, and maintain cars. Can access once again win against ownership? Autonomous vehicles were supposed to be here by 2020. What happened? The CASE acronym stands for Connected, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electric and it defines the transformation of mobility. 

Will anyone even own a car in 20 years or will all of us be relying on massive autonomous fleets to ship us around? What is level 2 versus level 5 autonomy and when are cars going to finally drive themselves? Even better, fly themselves? How does connectivity make our lives (and car ownership) better, cheaper, and more personalized? 

Bonus: our speakers will share a secret formula of how anyone (you included!) can afford to own a Ferrari!


Max Bruner

Max Bruner

Metromile, VP, Corporate Development (USA)

Andro Vrdoljak

Andro Vrdoljak

Turo, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships (USA)


Ida Prester

Ida Prester

Host/Musician (Croatia/Serbia)

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