Hang in There Mark! How Will Zuckerberg & Friends Survive the Global Techlash?

21.09.2019., Rovinj -    Predavanje MARK, IZDRZI! KAKO CE ZUCKERBERG&FRIENDS PREZIVJETI GLOBALNI TECHLASH?  Marko Rakar, Boris Trupcevic, Marijan Jurenec Photo: Marko Dimic/PIXSELL

They Turned on Facebook & Friends Because They Became a Danger for the Political Establishment

Only in the last six months has Facebook decided to work with regulators because of their threats, but solely because they want to prevent others from breaking into the position they are in now, said Marko Rakar (MRAK services) in the panel “Hang in There Mark! How Will Zuckerberg & Friends Survive the Global Techlash? “.

Boris Trupčević (Styria Media International), Vladimir Pavlić (Facebook consultant) and Marijan Jurenec (I.R.V.) participated in the discussion.

Rakar also added that there was an unequal situation for the media because Facebook is also a publisher, but it is not subject to the same rules and laws that traditional media must adhere to.

“Big fines that threaten Facebook and other tech giants won`t solve the problem. If they were regulated as they should have been, this would not have happened. Everyone must have an equal position on the market,” Rakar said. Trupčević went on to say that content is still king, for both traditional media and platforms.

“Whether the content is user-generated or placed by the media, it is a reason why we’re on those platforms. What would Google search for and Facebook and YouTube distribute in the absence of content? In a broader context, the issue is quality content that addresses important processes in society. I think traditional media that produces quality content will survive, and as for my media house, I’m sure it will be alright. Actually, the essence of the companies we are talking about is to be an advertising generator and to exploit the data that users leave and that is the sole purpose of their existence. They do not produce content and don`t claim responsibility for anything that happens on the platform, “he said.

He added that eventually China will emerge as the winner as it has everything we have, except for the problems, because regulation has been present from the beginning.

Zuckerberg also plays the China card, with which the US is constantly waging a trade war, arguing that his company should not be split into smaller segments, because China will take over in that case, Jurenec

On the other hand, Pavlić believes that Facebook offers its users information that is relevant to them, and that, despite of all the scandals, the user base will not decline on a regional or global level.

Regarding the outcome of the Facebook situation, everyone agrees that this is just the beginning, but that the situation is too complex because it involves security, technology, media … which makes it difficult for regulators to do their job.

“The essence of techlash is power. The companies we are talking about have a power that is difficult to quantify given the amount of data they sit on and have become a danger to the political establishment,” Trupčević concluded.

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