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Professional coaches for all kids will set up an obstacle course for the development of motor skills. Also, we will learn how to set up a tent camp, how to arrange a hiking backpack, and many more things to do with camping and hiking.

About the Little Olympian Association

The Little Olympian is a sports academy for children ages 4 to 10. The association was founded in 2011 and through these past 9 years we have influenced the harmonious and complete motor development of our youngest participants in the best possible way. The plan and program of work, verified by the Ministry of science and Education, is implemented by qualified trainers. Throughout the fun and play, the training covers over 15 sports, the implementation of which was further adapted to the age of the group.

The ultimate goal of the Little Olympian sports academy is to introduce as many children as possible to the world of sports in a proper way and allow them to feel like real athletes, but without the pressure of competition. Failure in competition at that age can have negative effects and keep children away from sports forever. Instead, by playing together and having fun with the coaches’ directional guidance, this directly affects the children’s memory, and enables faster processing of data in their brains, their logical conclusions, and safer and easier decision-making. All of this deserves a timely and appropriate experience!

The Little Adventurer is a sub-project of the Little Olympian which aims to spend quality free time for parents and children in a natural environment. Experiential learning in a natural environment is the best way for children to learn about the flora and fauna that surrounds them. Nature is a stimulating and challenging environment where children learn to handle unpredictable situations, take initiative, overcome their fears and limitations, develop team spirit, but above all have a good time.

Over the past 3 seasons with children and their parents, we have visited many beautiful locations throughout our beautiful country. We visited the slopes of our beautiful Bilogora, Kalnik and Medvednica, numerous family farms in the County of Bjelovar-Bilogora, and spent the last trip in Gorski Kotar (Zeleni Vir and Devil’s Pass).

In addition to daily field trips, we also execute out multi-day winter and summer camps for children 6 to 12 years.

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