Eulogio Bordas

Eulogio Bordas has over 35 years of experience as a strategic consultant in tourism, supporting national tourism organizations in developing strategies and marketing plans. In his career, he has directed the development of over 75 tourism strategies and more than 65 marketing plans for travel destinations worldwide.

He is considered an innovator in finding and developing special niches and products of particular interest. He has worked extensively in Croatia as well, so he is well aware of the potentials and challenges of Croatian tourism. He has developed several strategic marketing plans for the Croatian National Tourist Board, master plans for tourism development in Croatian regions, especially in Istria, and several brand strategies for the largest domestic hotel companies.

How Does the Evolution of Tourism Open Up Opportunities for Marketing and Communications?

Global tourism is exploding. Incredible crowds in Barcelona, Paris, Venice or Dubrovnik, queues atop Mount Everest, huge cruisers and crowded planes have become a daily routine. This growth is not being monitored by the marketing and communications industry at this time. What can advertisers and PR experts offer to tourism? What are some good examples from other countries? What knowledge do we lack?


Nevena Rendeli

Nevena Rendeli Vejzović

HRT, Editor and Journalist (Croatia)

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