Ranko Rajović


When we talk about education, Dr. Ranko Rajović is one of the main authorities in the region and the author of an innovative program called the NTC learning system. He is also an internal medicine specialist and has a doctorate in neuroendocrinology and sports sciences. He is a long-time president of the Gifted children committee of Mensa International and a collaborator of UNICEF’s project for the promotion of early childhood intellectual development as well as a lecturer at the Faculty of Education in Koper.

Children and the Digital Age – How Gaming Can Help Evolve a Child’s IQ

The media and technological age are creating a series of obstacles for all parents and their children. Digital media and digital content are omnipresent, and more parents are beginning to wonder what, how and if they should allow their children access to it. They tend to look back with a sense of nostalgia to simpler times when kids spent most of their free time outside, but also, they are trying to come to terms that they must adapt to the new digital surroundings and simultaneously enable their child natural development. How to actively participate in a child’s development? How to evolve their IQ through gaming? How to handle new technologies and digital media?


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