How to survive Weekend 12

Stay cool, calm and collected, follow our signage, brings the necessary equipment and download our Weekend 12 app

Weekend Media Festival 2019., najveći regionalni festival komunikacija, ove godine okupit će više od 5500 stručnjaka, predavača, panelista, posjetioca, stranaca, lokalaca i svih onih koji žele znati više o budućnosti medija i digitalnih tehnologija. Rovinj je centralno mjesto okupljanja, kao i svih prethodnih godina, a slavlje traje tri dana, od 19. do 22. rujna. Tijekom spomenutog razdoblja očekuje nas niz zanimljivih tema, panela i partija, a evo nekoliko savjeta kako uspješno poslušati i doživjeti sve što vas zanima.

What to bring?

Fully charged batteries, smartphones, your toothbrush, battery chargers and a bottle of water, because water is crucial for survival, and they say it’s also good for your skin and beauty and it cleans your organism. We know, we`re kinda nerdy da se baterija ispraznila i bočicu vode jer voda je nužna za preživljavanje, a kažu da je dobra i za kožu i ljepotu jer čisti organizam iznutra. J

How and When to Travel?

We are located in the Old tobacco factory in Rovinj, the address is Obala Vladimira Nazora 1. You can get to us from all directions, by land, air and sea, by bicycles, motorcycles, on foot, but we recommend taking your car and bringing a couple more colleagues and friends who will make your trip to Rovinj even more pleasant.

What to do when you get to Rovinj? 

Get some rest, find a nice shade or a good café, order some coffee and enjoy the view. Find you accommodation and let the landlord know you made it in one piece and that you will be checking in soon. Make the first arrangements for getting around the festival by downloading our app where you will find every bit of information about the best weekend of the year. The good thing about the app is that you also get a map of all the halls in the tobacco factory, without knowing on what side of the world the Sun will be at noon! By the way, DO you know on what side of the world the sun will be at noon?

Weekend Weekend 12 app contains::

  • Networking 
  • Navigation
  • Schedule of all lecture, panels, presentations and parties
  • Weekend radio
  • Bus timetable

Download our app:

iOS –

Android –

Your friendly Weekend survival kit

Find the accreditation office on the right side after entering the location, find the first friendly face (we’re all friendly here thought!) and ask for your survival kit. In it you will find leaflets, interesting bits of information and other stuff that will help you in a case of emergency.

If you find something, bring it to the info booth

It’s good to know that, even if you do lose something – and let’s be real here, it’s always an option – you can go to our info booth where you will find our specially trained staff that can help you with your lost and found things. The info booth is located in the accreditation office.

Stay calm and focus on the program

We have guests coming from all corners the world. Listen to their advice, their experiences, exchange ideas and learn new tricks for a successful business. We will also get to some hot topics and look back on trends that are just starting to arrive in Croatia. Find out more on these panels right here.

Find a lunchtime escape spot

Turn on your Weekend app and check out some lunch spots – maybe take your new Weekend friend with you?


Head to the nearest beach and enjoy.


Our music program has always been one of our stronger sides! It’s up to you to just relax and enjoy yourself!